At Oxford Instruments Asylum Research we specialize in making the best atomic force microscopes for academic research and industrial R&D. Our passion for innovating AFM technology is what drove us to start Asylum in 1999. Since then, we have continuously worked to develop higher performance AFMs (e.g. resolution, speed), more useful AFMs (e.g. going beyond topography, extending to mechanical, electrical, and functional properties), and easier to use AFMs (e.g. eliminating artifacts, automating setup, making operation more consistent and predictable).

At Asylum, we do more than just build the best AFMs. We work with you to understand your problems and goals and then help you develop a plan to help solve them and achieve them. We want you to choose our AFM because you truly believe that it will advance your research, get your new product to market faster, or whatever it is that you’re trying to do. One of our customers, Sergei Kalinin at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, said that his Asylum MFP-3D “makes your daring experimental ideas come true.”

A lot of people have had bad experiences with old AFMs. You might even consider AFM as a tool of last resort. Instead of that, imagine owning an AFM that you look forward to using and are confident will provide you the information that you need. A big part of making that happen is solved by our focus on Innovation and Solutions. But the last critical component is our ongoing support for users of our AFMs. We will go above and beyond your expectations to help you succeed with your Asylum AFM. Call us or email us and you will get help from an AFM expert. Asylum AFMs are very reliable, but if you ever do have a problem, rest assured that we will get you back up and running quickly and painlessly. Repairs usually require more time in transit shipping than they spend here in our factory.